I don’t know Hazels House on Instagram from a bar of soap, or in her case pretty smelly candles. But ages ago… She told me a wee story via Instagram message and I never forgot it. I thought about it a lot, sometimes I over think, and ages later I decided to have a bit of a stalk and find her address and send her something that would mean way more to her than it did to me.

This is something I like to do from time to time, give someone something, I don’t want anything back, I just like to make people happy… It makes me happy!
Hazels House then sent something on to someone else, spurred on by my gesture and  we got to thinking… Encourage others to do the same!

Don’t make it about yourself, don’t send on to a popular person or someone that might promote you, pass on to someone, a business person, that Mum at kindy or school you see thats doing an amazing job! anyone really!!!… Something that will truely make them happy.

It could be a coffee, or a bar of chocolate to that mum that just needs something for herself… A handpicked flower or something you have, or buy It can cost you money or not, its up to you!! Rocketitforward!!!

I Would love to see what you are doing for others, hashtag that shit … Or dont!! Just get out there and make some people smile!!

P.S this is not just a xmas thing! Its an anytime of the year thing. Smiley people make for a much more enjoyable world!!


credit where credits due!!! The lovely Renee from Hazels House picked the hashtag name!!! Fricking sensational job!!!

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